6 reasons why The Fresh 20 will relieve your dinnertime stress

You're here because dinnertime has become more of a stress than a pleasure. Discover how The Fresh 20 turns dinner stress into dinner success.

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1. Streamlined grocery shopping

Dread grocery shopping? Our concise lists and organized approach make your grocery trips quick and efficient. Plus, our customers save $125 each month on their grocery bill.

2. Easy and quick recipes

You're not alone in the kitchen anymore. Our recipes are designed to be simple, quick, and fuss-free, cutting your kitchen time significantly, making dinner time a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

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3. End Decision Fatigue

No more panic about what's for dinner. Our meal plans mean you have a clear, delicious plan for each night. Just follow along and enjoy the relief of knowing everything's taken care of.

4. Rediscover the joy of cooking

Find joy in cooking again. Our meal plans bring back the excitement and creativity in the kitchen, turning what was once a stressful task into a fulfilling and enjoyable activity.

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5. Balanced meals, balanced life

Nutritionally balanced, diverse meals cater to various tastes and dietary needs, reducing the stress of ensuring a healthy diet for your family. Enjoy both the health benefits and the peace of mind.

6. Zero food waste.

The Fresh 20 is on a mission to reduce food waste to zero. Our meal plans are thoughtfully crafted to minimize leftovers and maximize ingredient usage, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to meal preparation.

The results speak for themselves.

Our customers are just like you.

I love The Fresh 20 because it takes the guesswork out of what’s for dinner every night. Shopping is so easy because everything is laid out for you and it helps me stay within my budget.

Colleen Finley - Happy Client

I look forward to each meal and don't want it to end. The flavors and variety are amazing and my energy level has improved. This is how we all should be eating!

Joni Oberlin - Happy Client

The recipes have been DELICIOUS! I have learned a lot about preparing food, and ideas for how to make the weekly meal prep easier. I have lost weight, have a ton more energy, and started working out regularly because of it.

Brynn Jones - Happy Client

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Get started today. It's free.

The Fresh 20 is all about making dinner time something you look forward to. Real people, real families, real stress relief. Make your kitchen a haven of calm and culinary delight with The Fresh 20.

The future you will thank you.

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